Santa Paws

Northgate Mall is hosting the 3rd Annual Santa Paws Photos for your lovable dogs & cats!

Bring them down to meet Santa and get a memorable photo of you and your lil furbabies!
For every photo purchased 50% of the proceeds will be donated to the Regina Humane Society 
Donations are also welcome!

Sunday, Dec. 9th
12PM - 4PM

We ask that you use your discretion when brining in your animals as this day is also
open to the public for children's photos.

* your animal must be leashed / shots up-to-date
*your animal must be on its best behavior
*clean-up of any accidents is the owners responsibility, so bring your wipes and bags
*Northgate Mall has a no animal policy so we kindly ask that you don't go shopping with your pets before, during or after the photo shoot.
Northgate Mall has the right to refuse entry to any animal that may pose a threat to another animal or human.

This event is specifically open to dogs and cats only - No exotic pets - No exceptions
Thank you in advance!

*Northgate Mall has a no animal policy unless otherwise stated*